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Soft moans escaped her mouth.

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She wanted catch a glance of the scene that started to unfold within those doors.

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Deceit and abuse was all that was provided to her within that relationship.

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Butwhy do you want me?

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I know it's already been six months together, the sex life can be gone already-" her voice still loud and disturbed from the presence of background noise.

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Deep breathes accompanied her as she sat in silence.

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The feeling of being fingered was different from him.

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No relationship ever made it past the three year mark before one of them broke it off.

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His eyes traced every inch of her body, slowing, and paused for a brief minute on her pussy.

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She breathed in deep the fresh air, and enjoyment of being alone, just as her cell rang.

His erected penis pulled from within the woman's lips for a long enough moment to catch a glimpse.

A second passed before she stopped him from the overly pleasurable feeling he was causing.

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