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Media practices, politics and literacy pp.

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Mmm, then, there are many girls who are addicted to likes, so in order to get more likes to their pictures, they post selfies in which they are semi

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This is not at all difficult to decode:

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Moreover, visual self-presentation is highly gendered as it is about conforming to idealised patterns of femininity and masculinity.

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Did she really send it around or did she send it to one boy?

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As a consequence, the use of photo-editing apps for smartphones is legitimised under two different frameworks:

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The study of selfies has also pointed to their being tools for self- improvement and self-knowledge Rettberg, as well as means of expressing resistant discourses Bosch, ; Mazzarella,

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Mobile identity:

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Most girls, especially younger ones, adhere to the dominant discourse of blaming girls who post provocative pictures, and distance themselves from the practice and its meaning.

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In Semi nude group teens how to present themselves online through photos, pre-teens and teenagers are actually engaging in the definition of what is socially acceptable, what gender and sexual identities are considered appropriate and legitimated, and what, by contrast, are less desirable, contested and stigmatised.

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Semi nude group teens
Semi nude group teens