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If applied large-scale, it has a potential to elicit a sex-ratio imbalance.

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The SPARTAN device collects sperm that are the fastest and also the healthiest because it culls out those with malformations, Sperm spinning clinics, such as bent necks or larger heads, which can slow their movement.

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Subsequently, Sperm spinning clinics, the first patent application disclosing the method to sort "two viable subpopulations enriched for Sperm spinning clinics or y- sperm" was filed in April as US Application Serial Number 35, and later became part of US Patent 5,; and the patent included the discovery of haploid expression sex-associated membrane proteins, or SAM proteins and the development of monoclonal antibodies to those proteins.

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There were 31 countries in which allowed sex selection in case of sex-linked disease risk or other medical purpose.

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The work was funded by two separate but collaborative grants from the National Science Foundation and was published in the most recent issue of Advanced Science.

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However, because flow cytometry-based sperm sorting often uses fluorescent dyes that often stain DNA, the Sperm spinning clinics of this technique in human reproductive medicine is a matter of scientific discussion.

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As the spermatozoa pass through the flow cytometer in single file, each spermatozoon is encased by a single droplet of fluid and assigned an electric charge corresponding to its chromosome status e.

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The device also prevents the type of damage to cells that can occur with traditional sorting methods, such as those using high-force centrifuges.

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After the establishment of the MicroSort technique, it was offered to parents as a part of a clinical trial.

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In that same age group, 7.

The layout of the posts assures that the fastest and healthiest sperm reach the output first, which improves the success of the IVF process.

Density gradient centrifugation in a continuous or discontinuous gradient can concentrate semen samples with low concentration of sperm, using the density of sperm as a measure of their quality.

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