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In the mature or graafian follicle of the ovary watch online

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The next sections will describe the histological features of each stage of follicular development and the major functional changes in the cells compose follicles.

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After the first meiotic division, most of the cytoplasm goes into one of the two daughter cells.

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Can you identify them, together with the tunica albuginea - the thick collagenous capsule, together with the germinal epithelium that covers it, and the connective tissue in the cortex of the ovary, known as the stroma.

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The center contains the remains of the blood clot that formed after ovulation.

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Note the increase in cell layers of the zone granulosa, the thicker zone pellucida, and larger oocyte.

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Neither the cells of the theca interna nor the granulosa cells contain all of the enzymes necessary to convert cholesterol into estrogens.

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The oocyte enlarges, and the follicular cells divide.

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There is a basement membrane between the granulosa cells and the theca interna.

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Corpus Luteum After release of the ovum, the remaining cells of the granulosa and theca interna form the corpus luteum.

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It is surrounded by the zona pellucida and a layer of several cells known as the corona radiata.

They are small, and usually found close to the outer edge of the cortex.

Primary follicle When the primordial follicle is stimulated, it becomes a primary follicle.

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